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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lady of the Wind

The weather hasn't been all that sunny and warm lately. Not that it should be around this time of year. However, we have had some interesting swings from nice clear days to gusting winds and down pour. I happen to love the weather rain or shine and often wish I had time to take a walk in the down pour and then move inside to a warm shower to top off the day. In contrast a gentle breeze on a clear day brings a freshness to the air I just love, and who could turn down the nice warm sun kissing your face. This study was inspired by the weather. I think in my mind the movement of the wind is like the movement of flowing curly locks surrounding a pretty face. I am not sure why it has to be curly locks, maybe it has something to do with my own personal hair texture, but however you see it the movement is what matters most. I think curly hair represents wind well. The texture it creates captures what I might consider the mood of the wind. Lose gentle curls like a gentle blowing breeze, tight bold curls like a gusting tornado... I think you get the picture.

Medium: Permanent Marker on White Paper with Digital Finishing

(This is a good example of how more intense digital editing can help capture the spirit of a piece.)

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