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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Picture, Please

(Photos taken with iPhone 6 and edited in Instagram)

When I was little my father used to travel a lot. Before he would leave each time he would ask us what we wanted him to bring back for us. I always looked forward to whatever surprise he would return with. Since I have been traveling a lot lately I thought I would asked my daughters what they wanted me to bring back for them. To my surprise my youngest asked for pictures of landmarks. 

While flying to Seattle I managed to snap a picture of the Space Needle which she thought was pretty cool. Shortly after that trip, we ended up taking both our girls on an over night trip to Seattle by train which was pretty spectacular. We walked a lot and the girls took tons of pictures. At one point we passed an art gallery and my oldest was happily snapping away with my Nikon D40, there must have been an opening that day as there were a lot of people mingling inside. My daughter stopped right in the middle of the doorway and started snapping photos. One of the people who appeared to worked for the gallery looked up at her. I thought for sure we were in trouble for taking the pictures. Instead of the negative reaction I expected she gave my daughter the biggest smile and two thumbs up. It made my day. I love the support of the artist community and was happy to see it carry over into a setting like that. I can't wait to look at all the pictures they took that day. Especially the ones at the gallery. 

The photo collage above is from another business trip I took recently. Again I was asked to bring back pictures of land marks. You can see the Grand Canyon in the second picture and all the places between Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR. One of my favorite things is to take pictures of the landscape as I fly so I honestly love that she asks me for these pictures.