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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yesterday my oldest daughter asked me to draw a butterfly. I have two daughters and they both love watching me draw. They love it so much that they just can't sit close enough to watch. It is practically impossible for me to draw with them around, I literally have no room and am being constantly bumped and nudged. It makes me laugh. I can remember when I was just as excited about watching someone draw or write. Even though I am constantly reminding them to hold still or to not hold onto my drawing arm, I still love when they want to sit and watch.

The subject of a butterfly makes me smile. A few weeks ago there was a wind storm that came through the valley. I had gone outside with my mother to move the car seats to her car; my girls were going to spend the weekend with my parents. My youngest daughter had insisted on following us outside, the wind was blowing so hard she got scarred and promptly went back inside. It was well past her nap time and she was a bit over taxed. When mom and I got back inside my poor little girl was in tears. From what we could get out of her, she was upset because all the butterflies were going to get blown away in the wind. She wanted me to go outside and bring them all in so they could stay in our house and not blow away. I have to say it was hard not to laugh. She was quite serious, and needed a nap badly. I love the way children think, the ideas they come up with, the stories they tell, and the precious curiosity that keeps us on our toes. 

Medium: Permanent Marker on White Paper with Digital Finishing

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