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Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Lines

Sometimes I think it is fun to let my pen take control. No, I don't have a possessed marker. What I mean is, it is often fun to let shapes and lines flow without consideration for what they will become. This piece started with what are now the clouds. I was playing around with shapes and free lines and discovered when I rotated my page they looked like clouds. 
One of my biggest flaws is my desire to have control over my lines, I like to be precise. One of the ways I attempt to overcome that flaw is through what I call free lines. Free lines are lines with out control or precision, they are created when I allow my arm and my pen to move across the page without worrying about their intention or destination, you might call it scribbling. For someone like me this is actually liberating. While I haven't mastered the art of true scribbling, I do enjoy trying. 

Medium: Permanent Marker on White Paper with Digital Finishing

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